Major League Hacking 2023 Hackathon Season
TAMU Datathon
Details Coming Soon for 2023!
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Address: 275 Joe Routt Blvd, College Station, TX 77843

Parking @ Lot 60, Lot 48, Lot 59, Lot 62


What is TAMU Datathon

A datathon is where you build your analytical skill set and create data-driven solutions in 24 hours. We provide data science lectures, workshops, challenges, prizes, fun activities, swag, food, and more!

When is the event

October 8-9th, 2022. We will publish a complete schedule soon, but for now, know that we will begin at 9 am on Saturday and end at 5 pm on Sunday.

Where is the event

Datathon will be hybrid (both in-person and virtual)! If you are coming in person, the event will be hosted at the Texas A&M Memorial Student Center.

How do i sign up

Registration will begin on August 31st, 2022, and end in late September. Admission decisions will be released soon after the registration ends.

How much does it cost

It is FREE! All you need is a laptop! We will even throw in tons of swag, food, Wi-Fi, workspaces, and caffeine during your stay.

Who can attend

TAMU Datathon is open to any enrolled undergraduate or graduate student at least 18 years of age and anyone who has graduated within one year of the event. We welcome students from all across the world and from all majors!

How much do I need to know

If you are new to data science, TAMU Datathon is the perfect time and place to learn. We will provide introductory coursework and mentors to guide you along your journey to complete a data science project.

For our more advanced students, our challenges will pique your interest and allow you to put your skills to the test. We are committed to helping you build something you can be proud of!

What should I bring

Since the event will last overnight, it is a good idea to bring a pillow and a sleeping bag if you are planning on staying at the venue.

How do teams work

Teams can have up to 4 people. We encourage working with a team, it's more fun! You do not need to form a team before attending the event. There will be plenty of time to find a team after opening ceremonies.

I have another question

Send us an email at
Apsara Mitra President
Suspect: Apsara Mitra
Fun Fact: I have been to 30+ countries
nice bamboozled foodie
Jack Sebastian Vice President
Suspect: Jack Sebastian
Fun Fact: I hate red bull
outgoing funny clever
Abby Xu Design Lead
Suspect: Abby Xu
Fun Fact: I watched Person of Interest three times in high school
boba-addict pluviophile happy-go-lucky
Kelsie Sheridan Design
Suspect: Kelsie Sheridan
Fun Fact: I love bugs (especially spiders and bees) and snakes
Artsy opinionated introvert
Mualla Argin Design
Suspect: Mualla Argin
Fun Fact: I once found a snake in my boot like woody from toy story
energetic joyous curious
Jordan Hassmann Design
Suspect: Jordan Hassmann
Fun Fact: I drive with 2 feet
meticulous resourceful jaunty
Gaby Wu Logistics Lead
Suspect: Gaby Wu
Fun Fact: I've played the oboe since third grade
lazy fake gamer
Emma Ong Logistics
Suspect: Emma Ong
Fun Fact: I love dancing hip hop and placed with my dance team at a competition
bean with dreams
Eric Lee Logistics
Suspect: Eric Lee
Fun Fact: Once held a Puyo Puyo Tetris Record for "Longest Marathon Game"
driven passionate pokemon-addict
Ronald Lee Logistics
Suspect: Ronald Lee
Fun Fact: My dream job is to work at a National Park
spontaneous frivolous inquisitive
Luis Martinez Logistics
Suspect: Luis Martinez
Fun Fact: I was born in Mexico City
optimistic talkative easygoing
Shri Mathavan Logistics
Suspect: Shri Mathavan
Fun Fact: I've owned water buffalos
dog-mom outdoorsy healthy
Anna Huang Logistics
Suspect: Anna Huang
Fun Fact: I'm a published author
cool interesting person
Jenna Jung Logistics
Suspect: Jenna Jung
Fun Fact: My favorite season is spring
adventurous optimistic flexible
Dan Abreo Dev Lead
Suspect: Dan Abreo
Fun Fact: I have 3 siblings who are also Aggies
humble detail-oriented dabbler
Rishabh Tatia Dev
Suspect: Rishabh Tatia
Fun Fact: I love playing rocket league
foodie traveler gamer
Samarth Dave Dev
Suspect: Samarth Dave
Fun Fact: I've been to the DMZ in N. Korea
Gregory Petri Dev
Suspect: Gregory Petri
Fun Fact: I've been on the roof of the Vatican at Sunrise, looking over the city of Rome
tall artistic coffee-addict
Jaesun Park Dev
Suspect: Jaesun Park
Fun Fact: I play the cello
energetic shy sincere
Shreyes Kaliyur Dev
Suspect: Shreyes Kaliyur
Fun Fact: I've been to the Colosseum
amiable immersed optimistic
Christopher Vu Dev
Suspect: Christopher Vu
Fun Fact: I can speak 3 languages
genuine level-headed witty
World's First MLH Data Science Hackathon!
TAMU Datathon exists to connect the top talent in DS/ML with top companies, lower the bar to entry into DS/ML, and encourage collaboration across disciplines.