DS Introduction Part 2/2: Visualization


So. You're interested in data science, but you don't know where to start. I want to let you know; you've come to right place.

Today, we'll cover data visualization and the basics of seaborne. Yeah... we gotta start with the basics. But trust me; with the basics of this tool under your belt, you'll look like a data science wizard since you'll be able to visualize most, if not all, of the data sets you encounter.

I'm thrilled to jump into the world of data visualization with you. Let's get started.

  • tags: viz, visualization, seaborn, matplotlib, plots, charts, plotly express

Saturday Oct 17th, 11:30pm to 12:45am (GMT)

Presented By:

Seth Hamilton

About the Speaker(s):

Seth has traded stocks using machine learning, used data science skills/tools in school labs for years, and is a Datathon 2019 competitor.

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