How to Win TAMU Datathon

Get tips & tricks on how to create a winning TAMU Datathon project from last year's winners.

  • Goldman Sachs Competitor: Sola Babatunde, Victoria Catlett, Evan Meade
  • Walmart 1st: Zachary Summers, Alexander Labbane,Ian Matson
  • Facebook, Conocophillips 2nd: Prakhar Mohan, Sukanto Guha, Shubham Sanghavi, Dhruv Sandesara
  • Goldman Sachs Learner: Marshall Allen, Brandon Merrill, Jack Grooms

  • tags: win, advice, datathon, hackathon

Saturday Oct 17th, 6:00pm to 7:00pm (GMT)

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TD Winners

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Learn from the winners of TAMU Datathon 2019!

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